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Fitting hints for Brake boosters
There are many types of boosters and master cylinder combinations that can be used on the 1600/510.
We use 2 types which serve the job well. The 180B/120y sized and the larger 240K/Stanza type. All are japanese specification. These boosters are readily available and very reliable. Boosters of the larger type have different mounting and some are easier to fit than others.

This page is under development(arnt they all) and we will be showing the options & mods to pedals etc.
Large can booster fitted with 7/8 master cyl & adapter.
This installation will need a small depression in the RH inner
guardpanel as clearance for the booster. The clutch master cyl will need to be relocated approx 5mm to the left to clear the booster lip.
Shown here is another large can with a 15/16 master from an S13. Nice combo this one as pedal travel is reduced
and the assembly is compact. No.Itdoesnt hit the tower. Fitting this master cylinder requires modification of the mounting bolts on the booster.The booster is opened up to carry out this mod & is a good opportunity to rekit.
More to come
Shown here is the amount of depression needed in the guard to suit this booster with the alloy adapter fitted.
Another version of later S13 15/16 Master cyl on large can booster.Very compact without needing adapter plate.
Note, booster mounts direct to firewall and needs a very small depession to clear. This ones my favorite.
Clearance between booster & clutch master cyl. Only needs minimal movement to the left to clear the booster.
Small can 180B/120Y booster with polished base & adapter
fitted to
7/8 master cyl. Good combo easy to fit.