Fitting of Datsport 1600  hand brake cables
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If not using our rear recon arms, it will be neccessary to open up the section shown in the pic to  allow the cable ends to pass through the lower control arm. Remove the lip on rear arm where the outer cable would rub on the arm. This is needed for longevity of the cable assy.The cable is secured to the arm in the position shown with supplied ties. Cable must be positioned so that it does not rub on the axleshaft dust flange.
The sector lever needs to be modifed by repositioning the the cable yoke as shown in the above pic.This is required to reduce the  travel of the handbrake lever. Important with the standard under dash unit.When adjusting the cables do not over tension as this will cause drag when the vehicle in on the ground. Check for drag on the pads and readjust if needed..
Above pic shows the correct placement of the cables & sector. The sector & yoke are  original components as is the rectangular cable joiner adjuster & return spring. These parts are not included in the cable kit. Note position of the original return spring.