Fitting of Datsport 1600 510  throttle pedal kit
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There are two different positions for the speedo cable outlet on the firewall depending on the year model. The markout on the previous page is not quite suitable for the model pictured here. If you are fitting an electronic speedo or rerouting the cable then these intructions may be varied. the rest of the instructions apply to both types.
Remove original pedal & retain the mounting screws for reuse. The redundant mounting hole can be plugged with the spare screw. slack off the pedal floor stop at this time to make for easy adjustment later in the fitting.
Mount the pedal assy as shown making sure the return/ balance spring is located correctly. Do not tighten fully at this stage.
Place the stainless firewall plate inside as shown with cap screw and tighten enough to hold the plate in position but loose enough to allow rotation of the plate. Align the plate as shown enough to clear the edge of the cable grommet.This should be when the lower existing linkage bracket hole is just covered. Now drill a 6mm hole for the lower cap screw.Mark out the opening which is the same size as the center hole in the firewall plate. This has to be just large enough to allow the cable lock nuts to pass through the firewall.Clean off dags & rustproof area.
Fit the cable assy through the firewall and mount as shown.
Tighten cap screws enough to allow some movement. Fit the end of the cable into the pedal assy ensuring that the plastic mount is fully locked into the pedal. align the pedal with the floor stopper and the rebound pad. Tighten pedal and firewall mount when satisfied they are in best position.
After mounting the cable to the throttle body adjust the pedal floor stop to the full throttle position to prevent cable stretch. The throttle body end of the cable is also adustable. when full throttle position is to your liking adjust the rebound position with a few mm freeplay. tighten the lock nut to prevent loosening.
These cables are absolute quality and operate smooth as silk. If any sticking is felt check throttle body for binding or fittment error. any probs contact us for assistance
NOTE! If your 510 does not have the speedo cable close to the firewall mount check HERE for more info