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Floor mounted handbrake fitting
Remove carpet & sound deadening from the floor around the area to be worked. Measure 20mm from the end of the reinforcing plate as shown. Drill 9mm hole in floor at the center of the curved section of the floor. Drill series of holes & file smooth to obtain a 40mm long slot. Slide rubber grommet off the cable tube and test fit the steel cable tube in the slot.
Using a drift or punch drive the cable outlet bracket towards the rear of the car. Ensure that the cable end inside the car is pointing slightly upwards as in the pictures.
This is important as the inside cable is very short & must be aligned correctly.
Do not drill the fixing holes at this stage.
The following instructions are meant as a guide only. This is our way of mounting the handbrake assembly and the onus is on the installer to chose their own method of installation
This is how the cable tube should appear from underneath. Note that the outlet is pointing slightly downward.This pic shows the finished installation with the mounting bolts secured & urethane sealant applied to the cable tube & floor. This is necessary to prevent the ingress of water into the vehicle.
Assemble the rear brake cables with the adjuster on the RH side as shown in the pic.The original handbrake pivot lever and yoke are utilised. Assemble as shown. Note that the clevis pin supplied fits neatly though the opening in the top of the pivot lever.
If the rear hand brake cables are a little too short, to comfortably allow the cables to be joined, then sufficient length can be obtained by trimming off the edges of the yoke as pictured. When all the cables are fitted, drill two 6mm holes through the cable outlet bracket from the inside of the vehicle. Make sure that the cable is pointing slightly upward and has a smooth exit from the outlet bracket.
(see insert in pic below) Secure the cable outlet bracket to the floor with the 6 mm bolts supplied. Apply sealant to the outlet as previously mentioned.
Place the lever assembly central on the transmission tunnel.
Note that the cable will appear to be short. This does not present a problem or affect the operation of the handbrake. With the lever centered on the tunnel mark out & drill two 9mm holes for the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is fitted from underneath the vehicle. Apply sealant to the bracket around the mounting holes and insert the mounting bolts through the floor. From the inside fit the two spacers supplied to the bolts, place the hand brake lever on the spacers and secure with the 8mm nuts & washers. Adjust the hand brake cables by using the original adjuster. Note with the R31 rear caliper conversion apply the handbrake a number of times whilst applying the foot brake and recheck the adjustment. A return spring is not necessary with the R31 disc conversion as the return springs on the calipers are sufficient.Note, the handbrake lever has provision for a warning light fitment. Extend the original wiring to connect.
ensure the lever has a good clean earth to the transmission tunnel.