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Datsport has based its Datsun 1600/510 brake conversions around the R31 Skyline strut for the many advantages that this type of strut offers for the enthusiast.
R31 struts are 50mm shorter than the commonly used 240K,200B strut.
The shorter strut allows lower ride heights without compromising suspension travel and permitting the use of softer progressive rate springs if desired.
Road traffic authorities are now becoming aware that the prefered front ride height of 330mm hub center to guard lip is too low with 240K,200B struts as there is insufficient bump clearance. No problems with the R31 strut. (see engineers report)
The R31 strut has the tube set back futher on the stub allowing 17x7 rims with up to 40mm offset to be fitted without spacers. The KPI and scrub on the R31 strut is as std 510
Quality shocks are readily available for the R31 as most manufactures can supply
a variety of inserts to suit. Datsport use and recommend Japanese 25% uprated KYB gas inserts as they are well priced and perform superbly on a 1600. All struts are supplied with adapters to remove shear load on the steering arm to strut fixing bolts
Of course we will supply other types if requested,like Koni,Bilstein,Boge,etc
Datsport offers many combinations of strut and brake combinations to suit most budgets.
Descriptions and Pics are available by clicking the
blue part number on the price list.