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Finally started on our new project. We decieded it was about time that we had a 1600 for ourselves again.
As always we are pushing the limits and have chosen a VQ30DET all alloy motor with auto trans.
The main prob is sourcing one in time for our projects time line. If one is not available then we will fit an SR20det that we have in mothballs just in case.
We plan to fit a De dion rear axle with watts link and coil over rears. Inboard disc would be nice, but to much to modify. So we are fitting R33 rear calipers & 296mm ventilated rotors with a mechanical disc hand brake.
Diff is R200 short nose viscous. I am quite happy to use the visc diff as the one in Tracys Cima is very quiet and works great.
As the project is a street car I dont believe the extra cost of a Nismo mechanical is warranted.
Among many things this project is a development platform for a VG,VQ conversion kit & the De dion rear axle.
After investigating the feasability of fitting the complete rear end from an R33 & S14 we decieded to go with a De Dion suspension.

Fitting was going to be just a tad simpler. The weight was way less & importantly we could obtain plenty of suspension travel.
The De Dion suspension has been around for nearly 100 years with most manufactures using it one time or another. Ferrari, Mercedes,Alfa romeo are just a few.
Many kit cars & clubmans use the De Dion for its light weight. Unsprung mass is at a minimum, especialy with inboard brakes fitted.
It seem to be the best of live axle & independent suspensions combined. Our main reason for using this set up on the project is that we want to eliminate the camber & toe changes of the standard rear 510 suspension. Acceleration forces are transmitted to the frame in a way that gives extremely good traction.Just the thing for quick launches. Watts links provide positive location to the axle and will be adjustable for thrust angle & roll center. Very easy then to take advantage of fitting the short nose R200 & R33 drive shafts & CV joints
Suspension will be adjustable coil overs.
Details on this conversion will follow.
The decision was to have a wide front & rear track and with the vertical travel of the De dion it was mandatory to modify the rear wheel arches & add flares.
Just to be different we have chosen to open the rear arches to fully expose the wheels. This way we will have similar flares front & rear.
To accomodate the open rear arches a 2 door was the obvious choice. Two door sedans are not that thick on the ground in OZ and usually cost around the 5k mark for a reasonable shell. Converting a LHD 510 involves modifying or transplating a RHD firewall into the US shell. As we were able to obtain the front doors & rear quarters from a 2 door at a reasonable cost the way to go was clear. Use a four door OZ spec & swap the doors & quarters.
As the rear of the 2 door quarters were in a similar rusted condition as most 510s it was logical to just cut the US quarters & use just enough to do the conversion.
We had in stock  two good shells to use. One is 99% rust free,very straight and was just too good to cut up. The shell chosen has perfect rear quarters but had some bad rust in the door sills. As we were replacing the B pillars, new sills were the way to go. We had them made up with heavier guage steel than standard and have also changed the shape of the sills.
First job was to remove the sills and B pillar. To ensure that no twisting or distortion  of the shell would take place a temporary brace was attached to the shell prior to removing the sill & B pillar.
We are replacing one side at a time.