Price list
R32 Z 4 spot with adjustable platform
Suppliers of new, used & reconditioned parts for your Datsun
296mm Diameter
SnS plated Rotors
Stainless steel
fixed lines & nipples
ADR approved street
Legal Braided teflon
brake hoses
Alloy sumitomo
quick change calipers
Based on the R31 strut this conversion is fitted with custom king competition springs on Noltec adjustable platforms. They are fitted with Japanese KYB H/D gas inserts with matched springs to permit quick transient response. Ideally suited for street & weekend warriors. Rebuilt calipers are fitted with new Nissan pads fitted to our custom caliper brackets retained by 14mm shoulder bolts. Rotors are custom 296mm "Slot n spot" plated rotors CNC machined for accurate fit. New bump stops,wheel bearings,stainless braided hoses & stainless steel fixed lines top off this quality conversion. Supplied with spacer ring to fit various steering arms, struts will fit 1600,1200,Stanza,180B,200B & a few others.Good street ride with the ability to smooth out large spoon drains and speed humps. The struts allow a low ride height with full suspension travel. Fully assembled & ready to fit.
NEW Datsport slotted & spotted
plated rotors. Spots control outgassing. The directional slots clean the brake pads & generate air flow removing pad residue.
NEW Matching SnS plated R31 rear
brake rotors now available.
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