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EHK conversion Rear brake connector Step 2
The EHK locates the SR20 approx 30mm from the firewall ( which is 5mm over the minimum limit imposed by the SARTB) This distance is also required to give sufficient clearance for the heater pipes to be placed beween the engine & firewall. It also allows access to trans bolts if you need to remove the transmission to replace a clutch etc.To ensure adequate clearance the rear brake line connector can be removed and/or repositioned.
Disconnect the brake block from the firewall. If not replacing the rear brake line the existing brake block can be repositioned near the steering box. The bracket is simple to remove.
As the original spot welds are not strong, in most cases just clamping with vise grips &, carefully moving the bracket back & forth is enough to pop the welds. Flush off the holes with a dolly. Fill holes & finish off.
Engine mount fitting
Re route the brake line as shown in the above pics. The line is secured to the trans tunnel as original until just behind the rear of the trans.
White line marks the position. Reposition the line as shown & secure the connector block with a 6mm bolt from the inside.
Note the line shown requires an extra clip yet to be fitted.

A new line is added to the connector & routed around the frame rail & behind the steering box, then vertical to the master cylinder.
Makes for tidy brake lines without the need to replace the long rear line.