Universal handling & conversion kit
Unsolicited Comment:
On going through the first spoon drain "Bullsh*t!", on going through the first corner "Bullsh*t!", on going through a quick left hander intersected by two converging spoon drains "Ahhh F***'n BULLSH*T!" "My Stanza would have been in the scrub".
Shane Gaspari

Unsolicited Comment:
"Mmm, it's like a new car, very smooth". "It's Very predictable". "Handles like my 200SX, but it's not so bouncy"
The complete package as shown, with black whiteline bushes, ball links, spacers, all steering links, steering arms, radius rods control arms, crossmembers, Nuts, nylocs, bolts,Partially assembled for quick and easy fitting.
                                   Note some parts are recycled
The stabiliser bar for SR fits behind the sump. The bar is 24 mm dia and is custom made for Datsport by one of the best bar makers in Australia. The bar is readily adjusted  (Ten setting combinations) from firm to very hard.  Ball links connect the bar to the control arm for precise control . Bars can vary depending on engine fitted. If you upgrade your engine we will exchange your bar.
When first asked to fit an SR20det into a 1600 we considered a number of factors.
First and foremost was safety. If you have a car with the type of power that a well tuned SR20 has then it had better handle well and have brakes to match. Lots to consider when designing a suspension and braking system. Cost plays a big part in any project, as well as availability of components.
Like any project we came up with a list of criteria.
First was that it must fit an SR. Ok then why not have it fit L & Z series, FJs, CAs too?
The steering must be precise, not heavy nor suffer bump steer. Have a low ride height with good ground clearance and nothing to drag in the dirt or get hooked in spoon drains. Must have negative camber and increased caster, be inexpensive, and use a maximum of easily obtainable  Nissan components. So we replaced the complete 1600 front end !!   After a few false starts we settled on a basic 200B front suspension design. Much the same as the 240K and Skyline front end. The mounting brackets and spacing on these cross members has been in use for many years and is almost a universal fits all for Nissan. Use the original mountings & brackets, of the engine you wish to use, then it will generally fit. L series require an L20b sump, engine mounts, & brackets.
The 200B type front end has many advantages over the 1600 unit. The control arm pivot points are closer together and allow the use of longer arms to reduce camber changes & when used on a 1600 increases the amount of negative camber to over 1.5 degrees. The steering arms, tie rods, cross rod are all stronger than the 1600 part. No bending of steering parts is needed and they are all stock easy to obtain parts.
Selected cross members are sectioned at the mounting points to allow the cross member to fit neatly between the 1600 chassis rails, making a more rigid structure, increasing ground clearance & raising the control arm pivot points which eliminates the lowered 1600 bump steer problem. The combination of raised pivot points and longer lower control arms enables the use of struts that are 75mm shorter than the original units. In fact the shorter full travel struts can be on their bump stops before the arms assume a negative attitude. The laser cut mounting plates on the member locate positively with the original 1600 mounting points without elongation of the holes. The cross member is mounted slightly further foward of the original position so as to maintain the lower control arm in the correct position decreasing load on the control arm bushes.  Shortening the radius rods to increase caster on the std 1600 suspension pulls the lower control arms forward out of position marginally increasing positive camber & distorting the bushes. Two additional mounting bolts with plated crush tubes are utilised to further strengthen the attachment points and improve rigidity. Gussets are added and the assembly sand blasted & powder coated.
Lower control arms are stripped, have the bushes removed, and modified to accept the adjustable stabiliser bar ball links. They are blasted and powdercoated ready for fitment of new black whiteline bushes and the balljoints.
The transmission mounting bracket is a modified Nissan part ,It is of the Anti Vibration type to reduce NVH. For increased rigidity & strength the mounting utilises four existing mounting holes and two additional bolts with caged nuts supplied.
The front Radius rods are selected std Nissan parts unmodified, and are of the correct length to increase the caster to over three degrees.  New whiteline bushes,sleeves and plated washers are included.
The correct steering idler is supplied and is also fitted with new Noltec bushes.
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510 lower control arm
sr20 stabiliser bar
sr20det underneath
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510 chassis crush tube
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sr20det transmission mounting
SR20det engine mounting
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LHD Version now available
Fully engineered & track tested
Best value for money kit available
Approved by SA RTB for road use
Vastly improved handling
3.5 degrees castor
No bump steer
1.75 degrees Neg camber
Lighter responsive steering
Unsolicited comment:
The handling is out of this world.. it soaks up the bumps with ease and corners like it is on rails. I have never driven a car that you feel so confident in driving it hard through corners. As for as ride height goes it is perfect, front and rear. I have 16x7 40mm offset rims with 205/45/16 and they fit perfectly.
I have met a few other Datsun owners and they were blown away by the quality of the crossmembers, suspension and the brakes. Once again thanks for all your help..........SIMON.

Please note: Fitment of this kit may require the use of later model uprights such as R30/31 S12 910 Y31 etc. Increased positive offset rims may also be required. Does not apply to flared front guards. please enquire for advise.