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This section will be devoted to technical talk, articles, info that may be helpful to the Datsun enthusiast.
There is much technical information available on the Web and some good forums for discussion such as Ozdat. We have noticed that in these forums people seem to ask the same or similar questions over and over. We will endeavour to provide relevant information within this section to answer these questions.
If I buy a SSS cam, will it make my L20B go any harder?
The camshaft commonly known as a SSS cam started life in the L16 SSS. It's valve timing is 16 52 54 14, has a duration of 248 degrees and is known as a 62 degree cam. The center angle is 108 degrees and the exhaust 110.The standard L16 and some L18's had a duration of 240 degrees. When the anti-pollution issue raised its head Nissan introduced the 62 d. into the passenger range of L16 and L18 series engines and continued this through to the L20B. The purpose of this change was to increase the valve overlap and thus lower the percentage of "NoX". This change caused a small loss of torque at low engine RPM. To compensate Nissan advanced the valve timing by 4 degrees or one hole on the camshaft sprocket. So, L20B and Stanza L16 are 62 degree cams.
No! It already has one.
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