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Transmission cut out for SR conversion
Templates are no longer supplied with our conversion kits . Due to variations in floor pans & reference points there was margin for error & confusion. Please use instructions below. This method results in a smaller neater opening. After cutting, the edges of the opening are lipped upwards approx 6mm. The lip seals on the heatshield material of the trans cover plate. (supplied seperately) .
After lipping, the opening will require to be opened up to allow clearance for the SR transmission detent plug.
This point is 120mm from the rear of the opening. Again alternate methods can be used. We have pictured this being done with a scissor jack as most home fitters have one. Expand the opening uniformly to 140mm. The detent plugs sit approx 80mm below the opening. The width at this point needs to be 150mm. Cut a length of scrap to length and use as a gauge. This can be done by waiting until the trans is fitted and levering against the detent plugs or by panel beating.
More to come
Start by drawing a center line from the existing cover mounting hole through the center of the trans tunnel.
mark a line across the tunnel 290mm from the existing cut out. Mark 2 straight lines from the edges of the original cut out to intersect the line crossing the tunnel. Cut 25mm dia holes with hole saw 13mm in from the intersect point.
Cut out as shown in pic to the right. Its worth finishing off the edges with a belt file or grinder to obtain a uniform
smooth edge.  Helps save cutting your hands or fingers
Next step is to bend the edges of the opening up approx 6mm to add rigidity to the opening & assist in sealing to the
transcover. Many ways to do this.The shifter spanner
method works well. (below) Finish with dolly & hammer.
Detent plugs
Detent plugs
Engine mounts