Datsun 1600 510 180B Hand brake cable kit DBK2710

Datsun 1600 510 180B 610 cable kit for R31 Disc brake conversion.

Made by the original Nissan manufacturer using genuine fittings.
With a few Datsport tweeks.
By far the best R31 rear disc conversion cable kit on the market.


datsun 1600 510 disc brake conversion cables


Includes additional protective sheath and a thick rubber sleeve where the cable runs through
the rear trailing arm. This prevents the outer cable chafing due to rubbing on the trailing arm.

R clips and stainless washers are included to attach the cable ends to the rear caliper.
Plated solid clamps, stainless cap screws and ties to secure the cable to the rear arm
are supplied. This clamp prevents the outer cable from rubbing on the axle flange dust ring.

By necessity the cable ends must be placed vertical to pull down the brake lever.
If the ends are not fully sealed by concertina type boots water can penetrate the cable internals.
Lubrication of the inner cables is easy. During servicing pull back the concertina boot and apply
a few drops of engine oil to the inner cable. This will improve the life & performance of your cables.

The original 510 cable adjuster is required. The original 510 cable curved spreader is required.

brake cable clipsdatsun hand brake cable ends


Fitting instructions (to be upgraded)