Carbon fiber dash conversion
1600 Dash  Modification
Walnut dash conversion
Walnut dash conversion
Carbon fibre dash conversion
Modified 810 /200B dash,uses most of the original 200B dash including heater & air induction system.
Permits low cost intergrated airconditioning . 200B collapsible column updates steering lock and switches.
close up
Complete dash replacement
Dashes can be covered in the material of your choice. Shown is a Gel covered carbon Fibre and an Italian wood laminate.
The gauges are VDO. The programable speedo
and tachometer are made for VDO by Kienzle Switzerland. The speedo reads to 300kph.
The tacho is placed directly in front of the driver . All gauges are visible at a glance and are back lit with iluminated red needles.
Additional gauges are fuel,oil,water,volts and combination boost vacuum.
Warning light are included and are just visible over the steering column shroud. 
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