Engine packages, gear boxes & other parts

We have heard many times from our customers that engine packages from many importers or wreckers are missing parts or the wrong computer or loom or other parts not compatible with the engine package that have been supplied. Whilst some importers are honest in their description of an engine package, many are not.

This has led customers who are doing a conversion on a not so merry chase for the correct parts. Promises of, we will find it for you, no probs mate, or its in the next shipment mate. May lead you to not getting the part at all, or waiting months and many phone calls chasing your parts.
Some times you receive a good engine with a different turbo, or a good turbo with a flogged out engine. This problem seems to come about by some importers endevouring to get the most money out of the vehicles they import.
So they buy modified cars. This gives the wrecker a source of upgraded struts, after market turbo kits, intercoolers etc. Unfortunately this can lead to a mix of parts. No doubt some of you who experienced this are nodding your heads in agreement.

So what do we offer?

An importer we have been closely associated with for many years has the solution we have asked for. When you order an engine package from us, the importer contacts his agent in Japan advising just what it is we require. In the case of say, an S14 series 2 package. The agent will buy a complete running S14.
These vehicles will be standard, non modified cars road tested & confirmed they are in good condition. The car will then be cut & shipped to Australia.
Upon arrival the engine will be inspected by us & then removed from the front cut. We confirm that all the components are correct & no damage to the engine or looms. The transmission is removed & packed with engine & ancillaries on a pallet & shipped direct to you.

Shipping to most cities in Australia is approximatly $160.

We can also supply engines only or transmissions including RB25s, etc. Whist we cannot guarantee we can supply you with all parts, we will do our best. R200 LSDs are getting scarce in Japan, but our bloke is on the hunt.

Shipments are arriving from Japan every six weeks or so.

So contact us if you are needing this type of service. We will endevour to obtain what you need.