_______Datsun pistons rings bearings

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Part# _______________Description   Price
Hypatec T6 Alloy flat top pistons L series 85.5 to 86.5mm bore set of 4
Endurotec T5 Alloy pistons L series 85 to 86.5mm bore set of 4
EHR1620 Hasting ring sets cast suit all L series set of 4
King competition Con rod, big end bearing set FJ, L series set of 4
Taiho main bearing sets L16 L18 FJ20 Japanese high quality
EMB2000 Kings competition main bearing sets L20B $

When Hastings invented the revolutionary Flex-Vent oil ring in 1956, a new era in piston ring technology began. It all started with the introduction of Ford’s first V8 engine in 1932. The one-piece cast iron oil ring was not suitable and no other manufacturer had developed an oil ring that could control the oil in this new high compression engine. Hastings developed the then Steel-Vent oil ring and won immediate acceptance by Ford and the aftermarket as the only piston ring to use for proper oil control in Ford’s first V8 engine. Today, the Flex-Vent oil ring has become the international standard in low friction and high efficiency oil control, unmatched in quality and performance.

Hastings also offers the broadest selection of moly, chrome and cast iron compression rings with over nine different compression ring profile designs. Hastings advanced engineering provides intricate compression ring and groove combinations that are motor engineered (matched) to meet the unique operating conditions for each particular engine. Only Hastings can guarantee the right piston ring combination for every engine application.

Hastings compression rings, together with Flex-Vent oil rings provide the ultimate piston ring set. Other manufacturers attempt to play catch up and emulate Hastings original patented design but with nearly a 50 year head start, Hastings has perfected the piston ring development process beyond reproach. That’s why the worlds biggest engine manufacturers: Chrysler, Ford, GM and Honda all specify Hastings as their piston ring of choice.