(b) Chamfer the bolt hole portion and small end portion.
(2) Weight adjustment.
(3) Tightening of connecting rod bolt.
(a) Measure elongation of bolt to determine whether the bolt is tightened correctly.
Elongation ... (0.13 - 0.14mm (0.0051 - 0.0055inch)
(b) Before tightening bolt, apply Molycote to the threaded portion, and engine oil to the washer and bolt seating surface.
(c) If abnormal torque is detected through the measurment of bolt elongation, change bolt and connecting rod combination, or replace the bolt with a new one.
(d) Replace the bolt with a new one every 10,000km (6,000) miles ) of operation in rally.
Difference in weight between cylinders must be less than 0.5g (0.02oz)
Connecting rod
(1) Grinding of connecting rod

(a) Grind the entire forged surface, except for the machined surface. The portion indicated by ----- in the figure alongside must be superfinished.
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