(4) Measure crankshaft bend.
(2) When installing a taper plug,
be sure to apply "Araldite" to the plug.
Chamfer the sharp edge using an oil stone.
Finish with emery paper (#1000).
(3) Check the out-of-roundness and taper of pins and journals.
Measure the bend in #3 journal with the journals #1 and #5 supported on Vee-blocks. The bend measured on the dial gauge is half the value.
(5) Drive in the pilot bushing.
(6) Correction of balance.
If possible, correct the balance of the crankshaft with the clutch disc and clutch cover installed. Allowable unbalance: within 10gr-cm (0.14oz-inch/1,400 rpm
Engine Building 3
Crankshaft & flywheel

Lapping of pins & journals
The optional crankshaft is tufftride processed. If any sludge is found on its surface, remove by grinding with chrome oxide. Grind mainly the radius portions, taking care not to grind excessively. Modify the oil hole as shown.
Engine building 4
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