Dial gauge position when measuring flywheel runout.
*Tightening torque 108 N-m (11.0kg-m, 80ft-lb).
Apply "Molycote" to the threaded portion.
The L20B standard specification model uses the C200S type clutch. Corresponding to the enhanced engine performance, the rally model uses the C225S clutch as well as the carbon bearing cover. The clutch pressing force is available in two types [5,394N (550kg, 1,213lb) and 7,846N (800kg, 1,764lb)]. Choose the one most suitable according to engine tune-up conditions. The clutch cover utilises the existing optional part for L24
(8) Measure the crankshaft end play and flywheel runout.
(7) Measuring bearing clearances.
Measuring using dial gauge, and determine oil clearance. The clearance can be changed by varying the bearing thickness.
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