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Fitting hints for EHK conversion Crush Tube Step 1
The following are hints & suggestions to assist in fitting the EHK. We will be adding to these fitting pages as time permits. The following suggestions are for the installation of the SR20DET engine and start with a fully stripped engine bay. If you are doing a full restoration these mods are best done before painting the engine bay.We will also add pages on removing tabs & filling holes,cutting holes for throttle cable,wiring harness etc. There are various ways to tackle fitting an engine. We prefer to assemble the engine & trans on the crossmembers and lower the car over the assembly. this method is quite easy to do and ensures no damage to paint or body. It also pays to arrange heater pipes and fittings,the lower engine harness mods,brake pipes etc,before the assembly is installed. DO IT ONCE,and make it easy on yourself. We know of people that have had their engines in & out like a yo-yo to get the desired result.Think carefully on what mods you want & plan your procedure before you start. There are many ways of going about this job & most people have their own opinion. We can only show you our methods. If you require assistance or have queries dont hesitate to ask. Phone is best way as we have 100s of emails to wade through. Suggestions and constructive criticism is most welcome. Enjoy your project & accept the fact you will have some headaches to overcome. But its worth the effort.
The crush tube is an important part of the conversion. Adding extra strength to the crossmember mounting points.
As you can see in the pic,the original points are not that robust.Locate the existing hole in the chassis rail & insert a pointed punch in the center of the hole. Align the punch as accurately as possible and hit with hammer to mark the rail.
Correct tools make the job go easy. Get your self a multi stepcutter as shown.You will have much use for this tool as your project progresses. They make life easy. Make sure the mark punched from underneath is centered in the chassis rail. Remark with center punch and cut the correct size hole for the crush tube to fit neatly in the hole.
After cutting the crush tube holes smooth off the hole edge with a file or sander. Make sure to vacuum or blow off with air the swarf residue including inside the chassis rails. Rust proof cuts & inside chassis rails. Dont scimp here!
Correct position for crush tube when installed. Tubes are supplied to correct length but due to variations it pays to check the depth. Tube should have approx 0.5mm (0.020") crush. File end of tube if required for correct fit.
Brake bracket removal