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Fitting hints for EHK conversion Heater pipes
Fitting heater pipes and hoses is best done before the engine is installed as this can be very difficult and frustrating if left to last. Sure we understand the desire to get your ride on the road ASAP. Some States require an operating heater/demister to pass roadworthy inspection. Also some places are really cold in winter so why not have some creature comforts.The mods made below were fabricated from the original SR heater pipes and after being cut to length have nipples from old heaters or inlet manifolds brazed to them. The pics are really self explanatory.
Cut the tube to length and braze on a salvaged fitting.
Plenty of these available from your local Upullit.
Note that there is just sufficient clearance for the heater pipe. The original bracket from the SR is retained. Will post p/n for the connection from pipe to heater outlet soon
Same procedure here. These pipes are to suit the 200B heater assy if used.Will connect using uncut 200B hoses.
Heater tube rubbers and surround are once again 200B and salvaged from wreckers & plated.
More to come
The LH heater hose fitted. Note the rubber ring cut from hose to prevent rubbing of the heater hose on the cyl head
The RH heater hose fitted. Connect direct to heater tap.
Very straight forward job.