Fitting instructions for Datsport products

The following pages will contain hints & suggestions for installation of all Datsport products. It it hoped that these hints will assist the novice & pro alike to easy fitment of our products & to demonstrate to the prospective customer just what is involved. We will endevour to include hints on preparation & alternate methods of modifying your 1600/510.
Any comments you may have regarding these pages, or items that could be included, are most welcome.

EHK Conversion hints

1: Crush tubes : Misc. fitting tips SR Conversion.
2: Brake bracket removal : Radiator and fittings  
3: Cutting hole for gear lever  
4: Crossmember & steering  
5: Engine mount fitting  
6: Transmission mounting  
7: Heater pipes for SR  
8: Throttle cable conv.SR  
9: SR Engine harness