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Front crossmember & steering
This is the easiest way to assemble the (TC) radius rods. Attempting to install the radius rods after the control arms are fitted may not be easy for some. Damage to the ball joint bolts may be caused by cross threading.
The front lower control arm and radius rods are best fitted as an assembly. Fit the radius rods to the lower control arm leaving the bolts attaching the ball joints a couple of threads loose.
Ensure that the radius rod bushes are inserted on the rod with the smaller shoulder of the bush facing toward the frame radius rod mounting.
Check that the bushes have grease applied as per the instructions.
Engine mount fitting
Offer up the assembled arm to the vehicle holding the assembly nearly horizontal.
Insert the radius rod to the frame mounting first.
Now push up the control arm into the front crossmember
Fit the lower control arm pivot bolt, do not tighten at this stage.
Fit the front bushes and washers on the radius rod.
The smaller shoulder of the bush to the frame.
With the control arm held slightly below the horizontal tighten the radius rod retaining bolt
Next tighten the ball joint bolts.
Now tighten the control arm pivot bolts.

Note! the control arm pivot bolts should be slackened & retightened when the vehicle is fully road ready, at its normal ride height and with
full weight of vehicle on the floor.