Bens engine is built and tuned by Datsport.
Based on an L20B. The block has been sanitised and bored to 86mm.Pistons are SPS forged fitted with 1.5mm moly rings. Rods are lightened & linished. The std crank is linished & checked for straightness.  flywheel is lightened and assembly fully balanced.Cylinder head is fully ported with 44mm inlet valves & 38mm exhaust. Inlet port size has been kept to 40mm dia.
Supercharged L20B Datsun
Sullys' Supercharged 16
Owner      Ben Sullivan  
69 1600
Combustion chambers are reshaped and opened to improve flow and help lower the C.R. to 7.5.  Water passages in the head are modified.Camshaft is a mild 66 degree with 8000 rpm springs.The large inlet plenumn is custom made by Datsport & is of the center feed anti swirl type. Inlet runners are kept short & are bellmouthed. A backfire valve is fitted to the rear of the plenumn.Boost is supplied by a Toyota 1gze supercharger fitted with a weber IDF on Datsun U20 solex mountings. During running in the boost is set at 7lbs, this will be increased to 14 lbs. Performance to date is exceptionaly good,pulling strong from 2000 rpm in 5th, with no hesitation. Revs are limited to 5000 at this stage with the motor wanting to get up and go hard at this point. A similar engine with std bottom end,std cam, big ports and smaller carby revs to 8000 easily although power falls off above 7000. The drivability has been described as a V8 that revs.
supercharged 1600
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