Datsun steering box support brace SBS1600

Datsun steering box brace support
The original stainless steel steering brace for Datsun 510 1600

Fitting a Datsport steering box brace is the first step in getting your Datsun to handle.
The best steering upgrade for your Dollar. Dramatically improves steering responce.
The Datsport steering brace reduces correction input on bumpy surfaces.

Available for LHD Datsun 510 SBS510L

steering brace

A steering brace is a definate must have for rally & competition use.
The 2 plies of stainless steel support the top plate on the steering box
preventing the plate from bending when bouncing off the berms.
The steering brace thus prevents the "sector shaft knock off" that increases
play in the steering.

steering box brace

Check this out.
lift the bonnet of your 1600 and observe what happens to your steering box when a friend rapidly moves the steering wheel half a turn both ways. Wow! it flops around like "a limp dick in a shirt sleeve".
When hard cornering the load causes the box to twist the chassis rail and act as a spring. When the load reduces(as when the suspension moves on a ripple or bump) the steering box springs back. This is what causes the well known 1600 see saw action on the steering wheel when pushing hard.

Datsports original design steering box brace is fully stainless steel with a polished lattice
top brace. The top brace adds considerable strength to the assembly & is much more resistant
to flex of the chassis rail than a single layer steering box brace.

All fittings including stainless cap screws are supplied.
The lower part of the steering box brace can be coloured to suit your application
This can be seen in the above pic of a fitted steering brace.