Datsport Race struts DSK280R

Datsun R31 shortstroke adjustable coil over assembly

Designed especially for Datsun 1600 510 & Stanza Race applications.
Will suit other models. Supplied fully assembled ready to bolt in.

Fitted with adjustable platforms, hi-tensile short 180mm 275 lb pro sport springs.
Billet alloy camber plates with inbuilt thrust bearings for reduced steering load.
KYB inserts with 4 way adjustable rebound and compression settings.
Due to the advanced velocity sensitive valving in these KYB inserts additional setting are not required.
Fitted with custom 280x32mm rotors machined from blanks to fit the rebuilt S12 hubs.
R32 rebuilt calipers with sprint pads, braided street legal race lines & urethane bump stops.

These short stroke race struts were designed originally to suit Datsun stanzas.
Due to the top pillow mount on the Stanza protruding above the strut tower, even the use of
tender coils on a 180mm spring resulted in a higher ride height than desirable for race use.
By using a shorter insert we are able to keep the 180mm spring captive & loaded at full droop whilst
achieving a very low ride height without coil binding.

race struts

Having had a call for a pair of race struts to suit a 1600 we jumped at the opportunity to test the package on a 510.
After checking ride height and droop all looked good, but you can never be sure untill new developments
are fully tested. The customer was asked to work them hard, be super critical & report back.
We wanted to know the most minor of problems with ride height, handling, rates, brakes, etc.

The result was 100% positive, ride height perfect, rates spot on, cornered very flat, about 50mm of roll on
the hardest corner. No lifting of the inside wheel. etc etc. The only negative comment was the brake hoses were about 15mm too long. Then again, I requested the tester be picky to the max. Still, when longer lower control arms are fitted that extra 15mm will come in handy.


Close up of caliper mounting & Copper-nickel alloy C70600 fixed lines.
Note the welding of the adjustable platform thread. This is achieved by a brazing method that ensures
a smooth finish with maximum strength. This method is used for welding all coil overs through out our range.

camber top

Adjustment for rebound & compression is achieved by simply rotating the adjuster in the center of the insert
with a small screw driver (supplied).
These struts are fully streetable and will pass engineering. Be aware that your lady will require a sports Bra.