Datsun 1600 180B Rear KYB Mono gas Shock absorber RSD1618

High performance gas shock

These KYB mono gas are perfectly matched to our custom rear springs.
Nissan used a similar KYB shocker as standard equipment on the original 1600 SSS.

KYB monogas

 Mono-tube High Pressure Gas

A shock absorber or strut can be a high pressure,
mono tube design. These are a more modern type design,
and have characteristics of their own.

The monotube design allows them to operate cooler. Monotubes are under high pressure, from around 200 psi, to as high as 360 psi.

The hydraulic oil and Nitrogen gas are in seperate chambers,
seperated by a floating piston. This allows the shock/strut to
function without any aeration or foaming.

Monotube shocks usually have a stiff valving,
and traditionally cost more to manufacture.

They are also able to withstand more punishment,
and offer higher dampening ability. For instance, most racing
shocks, from Nascar to Formula One, are of a monotube design.

Great care and engineering is taken into
consideration when manufacturing a monotube,
and many have a very specific valving. This is years of
racing technology adapted for street and offroad use.

Some of the companies that make monotube shocks are
Bilstein , Edelbrock, and KYB.