Datsun billet alloy camber plates with thrust bearing DSP0031

Datsun camber plates fits R30 R31,Z31,C110,C210,510,610,710,
B110,B120,B210,B310,PA10 Stanza and others

Full billet alloy camber plates with stainless steel fixtures. High quality chrome steel alloy spherical bearing with teflon seals. These camber plates have a built in sealed radial thrust bearing. The thrust bearing supports the vehicle weight and absorbs the turning loads normally taken by the spherical joint. The spherical joint is relieved from turning loads which makes for much smoother & lighter steering. The life of the joint is vastly improved as it only has the minimal camber movement to cope with.

Most all after market camber plates do not have thrust bearings. Without a thrust bearing the bump & corner loads cause a spherical bearing to load up and partially seize. This allow the damper shaft to rotate in the damper body. The rotation of the shaft permits the spring hat to rotate against the spherical joint standoff. This is ok for a while but the constant grinding of the standoff inevitably causes spalling & tearing of the alloy spring hat. This leads to ever increasing steering effort.

One overseas manufacture offers as an optional extra, a pair of steel washers with  flat needle roller bearing placed between the standoff & top hat. A quick short term fix. Grit is easily able to enter & cause premature failure.The flat needle bearings are not designed for this purpose and are not suited to take the pounding that a strut has to endure in normal service.
The thrust bearing that is used in the Datsport camber plate is much the same as used by Nissan. It is fully sealed and seated by the top hat & standoff combined. We believe this is the first of its kind and certainly the only production camber plate made in Australia with an inbuilt thrust bearing.

camber plate top

Fits all 65mm spring conversions.
use with DSP0051 coil over conversion kit